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Did you know that according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7% of adults feel a smile is an important social asset? Perhaps that’s why we all like to keep our teeth their whitest and brightest … because we know how good it feels, the confidence it instills, and the great impression it makes!

Dentist-Supervised Teeth Whitening Is The Way To Go

Unsupervised off-the-shelf teeth whitening kits may pose serious concerns including unpredictable results. Some ingredients could injure gums, mouth, and throat or even make you ill if accidentally ingested. That’s why we want you to have something great that we can provide for you.

The Perfect Prescription – When we prescribe a teeth-whitening system for you, we make certain that the whitening ingredients are the correct type and concentration for your unique teeth and gums.

Along with our team at Watkin Dental Associates, we want your smile to be the best it can be, so let us help you get that whiter smile you want – safely, quickly, and effectively!

Comparing Your Options

We are proud to offer more than just 1 whitening option here at Watkin Dental, this truly gives our whitening specialist the opportunity to customize your treatment. Our 3 options include:

  • – Opalescence GO a prefilled disposable tray.
  • – Opalescence PF Syringes that are used in a custom-made whitening tray for you to use at home.
  • – Opalescence Boost an in-office gel applied by the whitening specialist leaving you with an instant change.
  • – All 3 options come in different strengths, wear times and flavors. During your FREE consultation with the whitening specialist we will discuss all options together and make a treatment plan to get you a bright white smile.

Come to Us for All Your Whitening Needs

If you have questions about teeth whitening, please give us a call at (978) 345-6919 or send us an email. Here at Watkin Dental Associates, we want you to feel as confident as you can about your smile.

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