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Protect Your Teeth, Mouth, and Braces

Did you know that almost 40% of all dental injuries are sports-related? If you wear braces, contact sports don’t just put your teeth at risk; metal in an athlete’s mouth can introduce a host of new risks as well.

Sports Mouthguards Keep You and Your Investment Safe

Most contact sports require athletes to wear mouthguards. However, once you begin orthodontic treatment, your old mouthguard may not fit properly. An ill-fitting mouthguard isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s also less effective at protecting you from impact, injury, and damage. Properly fitted mouthguards help protect an athlete’s teeth as well as their teammates on the field. 

Even if you don’t always wear a mouthguard while playing sports, you’ll want to reconsider while wearing braces. Stray balls and other athletes in contact with your orthodontic equipment can be a painful experience. Worse, excessive contact can damage brackets and cause delays in orthodontic treatment.

Watkin Dental Associates Can Give Your Smile the Protection It Needs

Investing in a sports mouthguard can make all the difference for your oral health. While participating in sports and other activities is fun, Our doctors recommend that you protect your beautiful smile while doing so! Let’s talk about your unique and individual oral safety needs.

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