Sedation Dentistry Page

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective technique that helps patients be completely relaxed and comfortable during their dental appointments. Who is sedation dentistry for? Sedation dentistry is right for anyone who wants a comfortable and relaxing dental experience. It is especially useful if you:

have dental fears which make you delay or avoid dental treatment.

have had a bad experience at the dentist in the past.

can’t get comfortable at the dental office.

can’t stand the sights, sounds or smells of a dental office.

can’t sit still during a dental appointment.

have problems getting numb, making appointment very painful.

need a lot of work done and don’t have time for several appointments.

are embarrassed about the condition of your teeth.

have a bad gag reflex.

have extremely sensitive teeth.

hate needles and shots.