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We can take photos at an amazing clip with our smartphones right on the spot. But are you happy with what you see when you look at the screen? If you find yourself covering your teeth because of stains, misalignment, or missing teeth, we are going to show you how to make the procedures affordable! As a dentist serving Fitchburg, we find that once we get past the finances, our patients are so glad, thankful, and happy that they completed the treatment and many times wish they had done it sooner.

Cosmetic treatments and dental insurance

Let’s start with dental insurance. All plans are different. If the procedure is considered elective (beneficial but not urgently needed), most won’t cover it. However, if there is a medical necessity, it’s a different story. For example, if you need a crown or veneer because your tooth is broken, diseased, or missing, that might get the go-ahead. No matter what your smile situation, our team would be happy to provide a pre-determination (estimate of what your specific plan will cover) and answer any questions you may have.

Worry-free financing options

Our dental practice has partnered with Ally Bank. This makes it possible for dental patients to get a loan to help pay for the cosmetic procedures they want and need. Its benefits include: pre-qualify with no credit impact see financing options instantly no hidden fees or balloon payments. You can fill out a pre-qualification form here or call our helpful administrative team.

Discover our in-house membership plan

About half of Americans don’t have dental insurance. So, if that’s not an option for you, we understand. That’s why at Watkin Dental Associates, we also offer an in-house membership plan – custom-made with you in mind. For one easy annual fee, you receive 30% off dental procedures and treatments. And that means you’re more likely to keep regular appointments!

  • Some of the discounted procedures include:
  • professional cleanings
  • dental crowns
  • dental implants
  • fillings
  • x-rays
  • root canals.

And that’s not all. It also includes savings on vision, pharmacy, and Lasik. For more details and to sign up, visit the Wellness Dental Access site.

All of us at Watkin Dental Associates are committed to putting your dental care within reach. Don’t hesitate to reach out to speak with us. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, radiant smile. You really can have it all! Dr. Arnold Watkin & Associates, your restorative dentists in Fitchburg