How to Keep your Smile its Whitest, Even Beyond Whitening

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It’s easier now than ever before to get your teeth looking great. In a matter of minutes, you can see a brighter smile with teeth whitening.

So how do you whiten your teeth? Many options exist from in-office whitening at your family dentist’s office to doing it at home yourself through a number of different methods. Let’s take a look.


In Office Whitening

Usually, this can be done with one office visit to your cosmetic dentist or local dentist offices. The dentist will apply a solution (containing safe bleach) to your teeth while protecting your gums. You can see results right away.


At Home Professional Kits

Your dentist can also provide you with whitening kits that you can do at home. These usually consist of trays fitted to your teeth and bleaching gels or solutions. You will wear the trays with the gel for a specified amount of time each day until you get the results you want. The results you’re looking for can take from days to a few weeks. This is a nice option because you can hold on to your trays and order new solutions when you want to touch up your teeth.


Over the Counter Products

You can find a number of products in the stores or online to do yourself, from strips to whitening toothpaste. Make sure that you use only ADA accepted products and that you follow directions closely.

Dentist office

These are some methods to actively whiten your teeth, but you can also take measures to help keep them looking their best and brightest without going the chemical method. You may not get the same results, but the following may help prevent yellowing and staining.

Stay away from things that will induce staining or discoloration. These are things like:

  • Tobacco – Tar and nicotine can cause yellowish, stained teeth.
  • Coffee and tea – The tannins and chromogens in these drinks can cause some staining. Adding some milk or cream will help a little; black coffee and tea are darker so can stain more. Green, white and herbal teas stain less, if at all.
  • Red wine – Red wine also has the tannins and chromogens that can stain teeth. Some people find that when they drink wine, their teeth temporarily stain.
  • Dark soda – Drinks like colas and root beer can stain teeth over time. The dark colors can stain while the acid can reduce the enamel. Staying away from soda, especially dark types, can help maintain a whiter smile.

A bright white smile can make all the difference in how you feel about your self and your appearance. You may notice yourself smiling more, which in turn makes you happier. If you aren’t happy with your smile, please contact us at Watkin Dental Associates, and we can discuss your options to help you feel great about your smile. We are here to help!