A Quick Guide to Dental Veneers

Maybe you think veneers are only for the rich and famous. But that’s not quite true. Sure, many celebrities turn to dental veneers to achieve the perfect smile, but you can too. There’s a reason so many celebs choose veneers.


What Is a Dental Veneer?

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a veneer is a “thin piece of porcelain used to re-create the natural look of teeth, while also providing strength and resilience comparable to natural tooth enamel.” Your cosmetic dentist will fit these to your teeth and bond them to the tooth’s enamel.

People choose veneers for aesthetic purposes when they want to improve the shape, size or color of teeth. Veneers can also cover things like small chips or gaps, and you can choose a veneer on one tooth, some or all depending on your needs and goals for your smile. Porcelain veneers are the most common.

According to Colgate, veneers can last from 10 to 20 years and cost anywhere from $800 to $2000 per tooth. Some of the cost factors depend on where you live in the US.


What Is the Process for Placing Dental Veneers?

When you visit your cosmetic dentist, he or she will discuss the procedures for placing veneers as well as the care and maintenance of them.

Because most veneers are custom created, you will need two appointments. The second one is when the veneers are placed, and here is what usually happens:

  • The dentist will clean the tooth and shave a small amount of it off to make room for the veneer. Sometimes anesthesia is used, it usually depends on the patient’s sensitivity.
  • Next an impression is made and the color is matched for the porcelain veneer. A temporary veneer is placed on the tooth.
  • Once the veneer is made and sent to the dentist, you will come for your second appointment where the dentist will remove the temporary veneer and place the permanent one, curing it lightly and polishing it up.


How Do You Care for Veneers?

  • You can treat your veneers as you would your other teeth, with proper brushing and flossing.
  • You may want to stay away from staining foods and drinks, like coffee, tea and red wine as veneers can stain like teeth.
  • Veneers can still chip and break, or even come off, so be careful with chewing or biting on hard things, like ice and your nails. Be mindful of your veneers.
  • Maintain regular dental visits. Your veneers, like your other teeth, need to be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. Your dentist will polish them with professional equipment and also keep an eye on them.
  • If you decide on veneers, it’s an investment. Make sure you take good care of them.

If you are considering dental veneers, please contact us at Watkin Dental Associates. Our expert staff can help you with any concerns and make this a pleasant experience. Our goal is to help you get your very best smile!