Have a Dentist Appointment Coming Up? Don’t Fall Victim to These 3 Dentistry Myths

dentistryDental health is something that should be taken very seriously. And it goes beyond just brushing your teeth twice a day. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who choose not to go to the dentist. Some people have anxiety about going to the dentist, but others just may not understand what a dentist actually does and why regular family dental checkups are important. So in case you still don’t quite understand the importance of dental visits, let’s discuss a few common myths regarding dental health.

“I’m not having problems with my teeth so I don’t need to go to the dentist.” This may be the biggest myth of them all. Even if your teeth and mouth feel fine, there could be underlying problems that may only be found with the right dentistry equipment. The only way to know if your teeth are really as healthy as you think they are is to see a dentist on a regular basis. In addition to cleaning your teeth, dentists also perform oral cancer screenings and ensure your gum tissue is healthy. So even if you’re not experiencing any noticeable problems with your teeth, it’s still important to get them checked out.

“My dental health has no impact on the rest of my health.” Dentists can tell a lot about your overall health by examining your mouth. In fact, they can often detect disorders that you wouldn’t think to associate with your teeth and gums. Cancer may begin in your mouth before spreading, and a lot of sleep disorders can be caused by a misaligned bite. Because of this, it’s crucial that your mouth is examined using dentistry tools to ensure nothing is going on that may be affecting the rest of your health.

“Kids don’t have to go to the dentist because their baby teeth will fall out anyway.” Yes, baby teeth do eventually fall out. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular care. In fact, if baby teeth aren’t cared for properly, they may fall out too soon. This may cause adult teeth to not come in properly. With that in mind, it’s important to begin brushing baby teeth as soon as they come in. Children should begin seeing a family dentist as soon as their first teeth come in to ensure both their baby teeth and adult teeth are growing in and falling out like they should be.

Unfortunately, many people choose not to go to the dentist because they think their teeth are fine and they don’t need to be examined with dentistry tools. Did you know that 47.2% of adults over the age of 30 have some level of periodontal disease? Some adults choose not to go to the dentist because they think they don’t need to or because they want to save money. However, it’s important to see a dentist on a regular basis no matter your age or dental health situation.